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A month or two ago, jimhines ran a contest to send out copies of his book GOBLIN QUEST to people who hadn't read it, all for the price of reviewing it in their blogs. I got one of the copies, and I read it tonight.

GOBLIN QUEST is the story of Jig, an unfortunate goblin who--to summarize wildly--ends up on the wrong end of a D&D adventure party.

Only it is much, *much* better than that.

I mean, we've all taken a moment to wonder what it must be like to be the poor bastards at the other end of the sword when a party comes storming through the dungeon, but Jim's actually gone to the trouble to think it out. The result is a wonderful story that'll make anybody who's ever gamed laugh out loud, and even if you haven't, is still so well-drawn and considered that there's almost no way it can fail to charm. Jig's scrawny (even for a goblin) but smart (for a goblin), and as he gets himself further and further into heroicstrouble his main priority is just keeping himself alive while coping with the totally alien (and to his gobliny viewpoint, *incredibly stupid* and yet somehow effective) adventuring party. There are two more books, GOBLIN HERO and, in the spring, GOBLIN WAR, and now I can't wait to read them, because Jig has clearly gotten himself in so far over his head that I assume he'll end up...

...well. Go read 'em and figure it out for yourselves. :)
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