kit (mizkit) wrote,

for pity's sake

What am I doing up?

I gotta say, though, this homeopathic cold cure I was given at Pi-Con (by a shaman, no less) works goddamned miracles. He gave me a couple pills each of arnica and belladonna which are diluted to the point of having no recognizable, er, well, poison, but which for whatever obscure magical reason retain or obtain a healing quality during the reduction process. The god-awful cold I had that weekend was 90% better the next day. I've been taking, through the course of this one, arnica and aspirin, which have together been as effective as any cold medication I've ever taken, without any of the loopy-headed side effects. (Arnica, in a gel form, reduces swelling. The other day I smashed a knuckle and exploded the vein in it, so it was all purple and mooshy and very painful, and I happened across the arnica gel, put some on it, forgot about it. Six hours later it was yellow and barely squooshy and not at all painful, and after another application of the gel the next morning it was entirely healed. It's bloody well magic.) Anyway, yesterday I went and picked up some aconite (which I just discovered is wolfsbane! so cool!) and belladonna and took them along with my arnica, and this morning my cold is about 90% better. I don't *know* how this stuff works, and I don't *care*. I'm a believer.

However, I did wake up at 5 to 6 and couldn't go back to sleep, so here I am, awake, and I suppose I'll go work on my copy edits until I either get tired enough to nap or it seems late enough to shower and face the day.

Someone in comments inadvertently but intriguingly put the idea of turning my CEs in as PDFs in my mind. I don't have any idea how I'd do that. What kind of scanner would I need?
Tags: copy edits, homeopathy
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