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copy edits & octocon

A hundred pages done. Out of those 100, there are, I think, two pages upon which nothing is stetted. Of those two, one of them had only one CE change and the other had maybe three. Most had...far more than that, so it was a hundred very long pages. 321 to go.

I basically have to have this done Thursday so it can be photocopied and go into the mail on Friday (which reminds me, I need to figure out where I can go in Cork to UPS/FedEx/rush-mail a manuscript overseas), because production has given me until the 22nd to turn it in, and if it's not in very close to then, the final stage of eyeballing the manuscript (known at Harlequin as Author Alterations, and at most publishing houses as galleys) is going to be sheer and utter hell. Besides, I have another book to CE before, well, next Tuesday, ideally. This means I have to do a minimum of 150 pages tomorrow, and preferably 200. Or more, if I can, but that's an awful lot.


(STET, incidentally, means "let it stand", and is used to indicate material that's been removed or changed in the editing process that you want to retain in its original form. Just in case you haven't read the comments on the last post and are wondering. :))

Every time I blow my nose it feels like my brain gets smaller. *glorp*

Ted and I got up unreasonably early on Friday to head up to Dublin. Driving the ~mile to the train station took closer to an hour than not, and our poor little Fiat was overheating alarmingly by the time we got done with all the stop and starting. We're going to have to bring it to a car doctor before we can sell it. Sigh. Anyway, the ride up was uneventful; I worked and Ted read and napped. After lunching with my parents we parted ways, Ted to see a movie and I Well. Have some ice cream and read STRANGERS IN PARADISE: EVER AFTER at the Forbidden Planet. It was a better wrap-up to the story than I expected from what people'd told me about it, and I got sniffly in places, so I guess Moore pulled it off in the end. Well done, him.

I retreated to my family's home and worked for the rest of the afternoon, then spent enough time with my plague monkey nephews to ensure that my already-lowered immune system would not have any up time in the next week or so. :) We got up unreasonably early again and trundled out to Maynooth, arriving at the hotel more or less at the stroke of ten, which was when, in theory, opening ceremonies began. They actually began around 10:25, which was expected, and for the remainder of the day I spent a fairly astonishing amount of time in panels, breaking once for an outrageously priced lunch that made certain I'd never eat another meal at that hotel again.

Generally speaking the panels were fun. Several (most especially the religion in SF one on Sunday) could've used moderators, and they *all* could have used information about who would be on the panels listed in the program, but there was a lot of audience interaction and discussion, which is always very satisfying to me.

Amongst the people to whom I did not have nearly enough chance to speak were bellinghman, bellinghwoman, captainlucy, ephiriel, jemck, pgmcc, slovobooks; amongst those with whom I did get enough time to speak were nwhyte, irishkate, natural20, and xnamkrad, who took a picture of The Shoes (as well as a picture of Ted studying Kate's cleavage!). :)

Oop, Ted has invited me to watch an episode of Smallville, so there will have to be more Octoconing later. :)
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