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After an hour and a half of work, I'm on page 17 of 421 on the copy edits for HOUSE OF CARDS. Unfortunately, I've gotten the same copy editor I did last time, and she and I clearly have different writing styles. The unfortunate part is she's corrected a great deal of material which is simply not to her liking, rather than being actively wrong or awkward. (There are things that are wrong or awkward, and I am looking at those seriously and, I think, without prejudice, although pbray touches on the how dare you muck with my words! aspect of copy edits, and I'm absolutely willing to admit sometimes it's just a case of that which needs to be dealt with.) I'm not usually one to bleed all over the pages or use STET eight times on a page, but in this case, oh yes, there is bleeding and STETting going on. I'm going to be here forever.

Yesterday I got a copy of tim_pratt's new novel, BLOOD ENGINES, in the mail as a thank-you from his editor for having offered up a blurb for it. There was a note inside saying, "Kelly--thanks for all your support!"

I presume Kelly Armstrong, who also blurbed the book, got one that says, "Catie--thanks for all your support!" :)

This is particularly funny to me because in junior high and high school a girl named Kelly and I were forever mistaken for each other. We both had straight brown hair and glasses and otherwise looked *nothing* alike, but I became so accustomed to being called Kelly that even outside of school I would answer to the name, so getting something with a note to Kelly was just a bit of deja vu. *laughs*
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