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punishment for enjoying myself :)

I'm pretty sure the punishment for saying I was having fun writing is getting two sets of copy edits to do in two weeks. I knew about the TQB ones; I had three weeks' warning that they'd be coming in. I did not know about the HOUSE OF CARDS ones; I got email late Thursday night saying "We're sending you copy edits and can we have them back Wednesday?"

The answer there is, "No." :)

I spent the train ride up to Dublin, and a good part of Friday afternoon at my parents' house, putting all the line edits I'd made on HoC into an electronic file so I could print it out and have a completely clean copy to work on copy edits from. Then Ted and I went to Octocon, which I'll write about later, and instead of being morally superior and doing any work on the way home I read the second two books in Morgan Howell's "Queen of the Orcs" trilogy.

This morning I woke up with a definite cold and a plan to not work on copy edits at all today, but just get HoC printed out so I had the clean copy and then I could write this afternoon.

However--as warned--the TQB manuscript was just delivered. Oh. My. God. It's huge. Overwhelmingly huge. Alarmingly huge. Like I'm-afraid-to-look-at-it huge. And there is a package slip to go pick up what are presumably the HoC edits. (eta: the package slip was apparently for the TQB edits. Perhaps the PDF is the only version of the HoC edits I get.)

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