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The Police concert rocked. Once more it is proven that God is a rock&roll fan, as it was a gorgeous clear night, and, in fact, warm enough where we were that aside from the occasional breeze I kept forgetting we were outdoors.

Ted's favorite song was their rendition of Wrapped Around Your Finger. Mine was Every Breath You Take, mostly because at the end after repeating the "every breath you take" etc lines about nine hundred times Sting finally bungled it at the end and just sort of looked vaguely distressed and mostly amused and just gave up and stopped singing. :)

I suspect Sting is a very silly man. There was something about the way he goofed around the stage that looked, well, like he was being silly instead of performing, I guess. I mean, all rock stars goof around on stage some (or at least all the ones I've seen do), but for some reason he struck me as being actively silly. Given that he's not only the lead singer but *also* the bass player, and that everybody knows that the bass player is the weird one in the band, he probably *is* silly, but possibly you also have to be if you get stuck with the nickname Sting. :) Anyway, I liked him for it. And my doodness, he's looking good. I mean, you probably wouldn't think he was younger than his fifties, but he's a damned well preserved fifties.

He also has beautiful fingernails. (Bon Jovi's teeth, Sting's fingernails...bit by bit I shall see what makes a Perfect Rock Star, and amalgamate all the pieces into one. It'll be bigger than the Beatles!) I know he has beautiful fingernails because they'd do closeups of him playing on THE OLDEST BASS IN THE WORLD, omg, he must've been playing that guitar since he was a kid and never plays anything else. It's wood and the veneer is scratched off all over the place, and reminded me of a Stradivarius violin. :)

Though I know it's a reunion tour and they haven't really played together in ages, I still got the feeling off the three of them that basically these were some guys who were still totally happy to get together in the garage and make music until their wives told them to cut that out, it was disturbing the neighbors. I think that was the first concert I've ever seen where the drummer was a clear audience favorite over the lead guitarist, and I also don't think I've ever seen as many *men* being so enthusiastic about a concert as the guys around us were. The guy next to me knew all the words to all the songs and jumped up and down and up and down (on Ted's toes) and was as full of squee as a 13 year old girl. :)

Fiction Plane, which is his kid's band, were the opening band. They were (despite being Sting's Kid's Band) very good, and we really enjoyed them and agreed we'd like to pick up their album.

UPS brought be a box of books today! Of course, they were supposed to bring me *two* boxes, but at least they managed one, and after having been called and harrassed, have promised the other tomorrow.

HEART OF STONE is thick enough to make URBAN SHAMAN look like a piker. It's got cool greyscale stained glass chapter headings, and, to my absolute delight, a list of my other books at the front! YAY!

Ok, going to find a snack and then going back to work.
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