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how'd i do?

I didn't quite get tickets to America. I did spend a lot of time trying to remember what the hell address I'd been living at when I got my Delta Airlines mileage card so I could unlock the account. I found relatively decent fares, but in order to use my voucher I must call them to make reservations, so I thought I might as well wait and make sure Ted thought the flights seemed reasonable. I also discovered it was probably easier and less stress-inducing and definitely cheaper to take a train from Penn Station than to try to fly to Saratoga Springs.

I have made an _attempt_ at WFC hotel. It's what I said I'd do. It'll have to, er, do. (me write pretty some day.)

Putting off bread until Monday. Will clean kitty litter in the morning.

Dropped the ball on the Octocon hotel. Oh well.

Got some writing done.

Tired now.

ytd wordcount: 192,200
miles to Minas Tirith: 325
Tags: daily life, thinks to do
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