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The only thing better than stew: leftover stew, which has had a day to steep and blend and become that much more delicious. Ooh, you say longingly, how could such a meal be improved upon? Well, say I, take home-made biscuits drowned in butter and add Wexford honey so rich it's nearly fermented, and enjoy. Aaah, you say enviously, now there's a meal to be happy with.

My agency, DMLA, has started a new web-presence thing in which they'll be posting monthly ideas and suggestions and, uh, stuff. Check it out!

Having just encouraged desperance to do so, I'm going to go empty a box in my office and make some small headway in getting that room entirely cleared up. And then I'm going for a walk. And then I'm going to yoga.

God, I don't know how you can stand the excitement of my life!

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