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hot. sweaty.

Well, I've determined to my satisfaction that it's not that I'm in swell condition beneath the blubber, it's that the dance teacher isn't working us very hard (and when I say "us" I mean "me" :)). I went to the gym with my ballet and tap shoes, and had myself red-faced and sweating inside of ten minutes, so...yeah. :)

Yesterday, after hanging out with sammywol and son for a while, Ted and I stopped at The Corn House (I think) on Cornmarket for lunch. It clearly thinks it's Quite Hep, but it was actually kind of successful in being pleasant and Quite Hep, even if it thinks it is. The food wasn't bad, either.

There's trad music tonight over at Sin é. I wonder if I want to go.

Well, dinner first. *zooms*
Tags: dance, exercise, trad

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