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dance class & other stuff

Last night one of the women at dance class told me, and irishkate heartily agreed, that I looked like I wasn't getting any exercise. *laugh* They're right. I don't. :) I mean, I'm breaking a sweat in class and all, but I'm not turning red or having sweat fly off me in big fat drops, which is what I'd expect from a class that really worked me. I admitted that this was not nearly as vigorous a class as I'm used to, and the woman said I must exercise a lot. (Hah!) Several other people turn red, though, so maybe I'm in better condition than I think I am.

I asked the teacher if she taught any tap classes, and she said no, she'd never taken tap, and no one around there taught it, because, well, it was a kind of old-fashioned style of dance, wasn't it.


On another note, Ted did a magnificent job of cleaning the office computer room yesterday (I have to remember that my office is The Office, and the room with the other computers in it is the Computer Room. Ted says that's how it is. :)). I need to bring the old printer cartridge for my laser printer over to the post office to ship it back for recycling, and that'll take care of the last of the messy things in this room. The house is shaping up! We do desperately need a filing cabinet, but that's going to have to wait a bit.

Let's see. Oh, free to a good home: If I know anybody in the Cork area (or not, as long as they have a vehicle to move stuff in) who would like one or two twin beds (mattresses, divans and headboards) for the price of picking them up, or (more likely) if I know anybody who knows somebody in Cork who'd etc, please respond in comments or email me ( I'll post on jumbletown in a few days if I don't get any takers, but I figured I'd ask here first.

Hungry now. Lunch, then work.

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