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drum circle

I asked the yoga teacher yesterday if she knew if there were any drum circles or anything in Cork that I could look up. She did, but she looked very surprised that I asked. I don't think I look like the sort of person who would ask about a drum circle. Actually, I'm quite sure I don't.

Sometimes this is a matter of consternation to me. I feel as though I ought to look more unconventional. Unfortunately, I can't get past feeling either silly or aware that most of the usual sorts of unconventional styles wouldn't really look good on me. Moreover, because my job is at home, and it seems like a terrible bother to, you know, get all Gothed up to sit down at the computer for six hours, even if I made an attempt I'm pretty sure I'd be an abject failure. That's the problem with *any* style.

It's a hard life, I tell you. :)
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