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Very pleased with this photograph. Also, ursulav, this one's for you. :)

I read a second (not the second, as I didn't have it, but a second) ROGUE ANGEL book, and sadly it wasn't nearly as good as the first one. I'd be willing to pick up others on the chance that I would get the Right Alex Archer, or at least a Good Alex Archer, but if the font size/line spacing is indicative, I should be able to tell the good from the less good by simply skipping the ones printed in larger font. Oh, and I read two Stephanie Bond books, BODY MOVERS and its..."sequel" is the wrong word. "Continuation" is more accurate, as the second book, 2 BODIES FOR THE PRICE OF 1, picks up with literally the same sentence the first book ends with. They're quick reads, pretty enjoyable, and I'll look for more books in the series. In fact, I'll even try to find PARTY CRASHERS, in which the main character of the Body Movers books is a secondary character, 'cause I'd like to read the backstory referred to in the Body Movers books. That's a writer who's doing her job well. :)

Mom and Dad are visiting for the weekend, so I prolly won't be around much once I've sent copy edits off to my editor (a whole week early!). I'm sure you're all devastated, but I hope you'll be brave and bear up under my absence. :)

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