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many things, or as many as I can write before needing to work

I've begun to get photos up from Geni and Kevin's visit (as well as at kitsnaps, where the better stuff is posted). It was a good visit; we went to Cashel and Fota and Cobh and did a wander around Cork on the hop-on-hop-off bus, which wasn't nearly as entertaining as last year's bus to Blarney, so we'll have to do that again some other time. I did learn some stuff about Cork, though, so that was cool enough. Ted brought them to the museum, and I'm told that I should really go (maybe this weekend when Mom and Dad are here). We found traditional music successfully on Sunday night and somewhat less successfully on Friday night (but now I know what time the music is on Friday, which is good!). We spent one evening pretty much sitting around reading, which is, as far as I'm concerned, the mark of a very fine vacation. :) All around an excellent visit!

I bet this vague ookiness in my stomach is an announcement of hunger too long ignored. Food. Must get food.

(*returns, with food*)

I did not get a box of *my* books in the mail yesterday, but I did get a copy of jimhines's GOBLIN QUEST, about Jig the reluctant goblin adventurer, which I am greatly looking forward to reading. :)

irishkate and I went to ballet class last night. I'm enjoying the class, though I'm a little bemused by it. It's not *nearly* as hard as I expect it to be. I mean, I'm tubby and badly out of shape, but I'm accustomed to the first days of dance classes leaving me crippled, and subsequent weeks leaving me sore. I haven't even gotten sore, much less crippled. OTOH, yesterday people came out of class gasping over how much their feet hurt from the releves and from the leaps, but mine didn't hurt at all, so apparently YMMV. The teacher puts too much emphasis on pretty arms and too little emphasis on learning to do movements on both sides of the body IMESHO, and I think if she's going to have us work on doing splits, which is fine, that she should either give us barre work to stretch the hamstrings or do the floorwork for the splits at the end of class when everyone's genuinely warmed up, because we're not getting enough warmup for the muscles to have any fluidity before she puts us on the floor. I also wish it was 90 minutes long, instead of 60.

...I should teach my own damned dance class, eh? :)

But I am enjoying it, and between it and two yoga classes, maybe I'll regain some of my former flexibility. I'm supposed to go to a yoga class this afternoon to get the €5 that the teacher didn't have in change for me last week, but I don't quite know if I will, since I'm meeting irishkate for coffee and a walk around 3, and we seem to be very good at spending long periods of time just hanging out chatting. :)

And now, a poll!

Should I rewrite a scene in HOUSE OF CARDS so Margrit's dress matches the one on the cover?


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