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Arright. I've determined where I went wrong. I think mostly it's a case of going wrong in so far as I can probably use most of what I've done, just not for another fifty pages or so. I've figured out how to fix the major thing that was causing me mental strife and which in turn has caused the problem (and it's a stupidly easy fix), and while I will no doubt run into more problems along the way, well, hey, at least I figured out how to fix one of them. :)

I'm terribly proud of myself. I spent less than two hours trying to figure out what was wrong before I realized I needed to print the manuscript out and look at it to *see* where it went wrong! It can take me days to realize I need to do that, but not this time! :) And by halfway through the afternoon I'd figured out part of the problem, and here it is only 5pm and I've gotten all sorts of mental gymnastics done! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some good writing done (where good = lots, rather than high-quality... :))

jemck mentioned today that as it was Friday, and many writer people on her flist summarize the week's work on Friday, and so she too was going to, and I wondered if possibly I should do something similar, since I sort of consistently imagine this kind of navel-gazing is *really* not very interesting to anybody but me. Especially since I talk in so many circles because there's no point in putting out details 'cause that'd be spoilerific for a book that won't be out until this time next year...

Remember the revisions I turned in last Friday? I got the copy-edited manuscript in the mail today to go over. That was an even faster turn-around than COYOTE DREAMS, which manuscript I turned in the revisions on six or eight weeks later than my editor hoped. Goodness. And now I'm going to ignore them until after Geni and Kevin's visit. :)

Why does LJ not have a "triumphant" option for 'current mood'? I want the ability to customize my own moods to a much greater degree than is available. I mean, yes, I can select an icon and change the text, but I want to actually be able to create a 'triumphant' mood slot.

Hm. I wonder if I'm a good enough person to go for a walk tonight, or if I will just plunk down and read THE SEA CHANGE. :)

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miles to Minas Tirith: 281
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