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numbers game

time awakened: 5am
words written: 5500
landmark reached: 275 pages
landmark reached: 50%!
miles walked: 5
cookies made: 48

Lots of 5s today! And, um, one 48, well, I like to shake things up, what can I say. :)

Given that three days ago I had not yet reached 200 pages on this manuscript, I'm pretty pleased with this output. Possibly the Very Best Part is that I've reached the point where I have two and a half chapters I can revise and stick back in from the previous draft, so tomorrow's pagecount, if not wordcount, ought to be prodigious. And then I just need to get a few more things into place and the rest of the book is sheer hell breaking loose. *God* I hope I'm writing this one right. It'd be so nice to not have to massively revise it. Again.

I ate two cookies and sent the rest to work with Ted, whose coworkers, upon discovering I really love to bake, have started making requests. :) I don't have to *eat* the goodies I make, I really don't. I'm genuinely perfectly happy to make them and then get rid of them. The problem is I don't usually have somewhere to get rid of them /to/, so I do eat them. However, this may be an all-around satisfying solution. Maybe next week I'll make a cheesecake. Unless somebody's got a specific request. Or, hey, I could make something that genitiggie could eat, how's that for a crazy idea. :)

I did *not* intend to walk five miles. I meant to walk about three. Apparently the best laid plans gan aft agley. Somewhere around four miles my feet started to get wibbly/numb from impact, and since that's the "gosh, you've walked more than four miles" sign if I haven't been walking a great deal lately, I was a little surprised. And quite tired.

In a little bit I'm going to work myself up to making dinner, but in the meantime I'm going to finish reading msagara's CAST IN SECRET (which may be my favorite of the CAST books so far, and I've really enjoyed the other two), and if I'm awake long enough, start reading pbray's THE SEA CHANGE.

Life, as they say, is good.

ytd wordcount: 174,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 280
Tags: baking, books my friends wrote, cooking, reading, writing
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