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yoga & writing

There's a (free) yoga fundamentals class tonight at 7pm. I have it on my list of thinks to do. The question: will I actually nerve myself up to go?

*at least goes so far as to look the location up on the map* Oh, jeez. I can't even use "I'm not sure where it is" as an excuse, as it's pretty much a straight shot from here. Well, one half-block jog to the left, but straight on til morning after that. I should probably go. I don't know why going and doing things is alarming (except probably I just don't do it enough).

If I go, dinner will not happen until afteward, so I suppose I should find something to eat now, because I'm already hungry. Raisin bran, here we come.

5500 words today; not quite as prodigious as yesterday, but still pretty satisfying. I'm 1500 words shy of 60K (and 2 pages shy of 250 pages), but I am taking the wiser path and called the day done at 5pm (well, 5:15) after a full day of writing. Those will be nice milestones for tomorrow, instead.

ytd wordcount: 168,600
miles to Minas Tirith: 274
Tags: getting out of the house, writing, yoga

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