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Oooh! Jeri Smith-Ready, author of the quite wonderful EYES OF CROW and the much-anticipated sequel VOICE OF CROW, sent me a copy of Harlequin's single-title backlist catalogue for Q4, which is, I gather, what booksellers use to re-order books. She sent me copies because, to quote her, "COYOTE DREAMS is all over it."

OMG. She's not kidding.

There are 8 titles featured on the front page in full color, and they are written by people like Debbie Macomber and Carly Phillips and Diana Palmer and Heather Graham and, uh, CE Murphy. In the background of the page there are dozens of books in faded out print. The entire Walker Paper series is featured, as is HEART OF STONE with what must have been the original concept art (it's beautiful, but very different from what the art ended up looking like). And on the back cover, which has Luna titles featured, they've got the Walker Papers books and Jeri's books. It's pretty cool. O.O
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