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annathepiper, dreamstrifer, dqg_neal, gows, irishkate and valkyrwench are Heroes of the Revolution. They have cleared out thousands, if not tens of thousands, of spam messages from my photo galleries on, leaving it all pristine and lovely. Hopefully the Gallery upgrade will prevent further spam incursions, and if not, meh. I suppose I'll have to turn comments off, which would be sad, although I don't get enough to probably make it worth worrying about.

Thank you guys *so* much. Wow. Good peeps, you. And props to Rhonnie and xnamkrad for volunteering to whack moles, too, even though the team'd been put together and was busy already when they did. :)

ytd wordcount: 153,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 265
Tags: friends, team whack-a-mole

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