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Today I don't much feel like doing this job.

This is for a variety of reasons I can point at easily: I got a couple revision letters, and they always take the wind out of my sails for a few days. One's on the propopsal for THE PRETENDER'S CROWN, and I haven't actually really worked myself up to reading it all yet, much less responding to it, which is probably good because the opening gist made me huff (they usually do, it's nothing personal or even bad, it's just my Instant Author Reaction: "Whaddaya mean, you want something CHANGED?! Isn't it PERFECT the way it is!?", which is pretty much inevitably followed by, "Rasslefrasslenghghtbhg, she's *right*, isn't she..."), and then coincidentally a bunch of postings came up on writer-LJs and blogs regarding the very issue I'm huffy about, and yeah, god damn it, she's probably right. _Editors_. Sheesh!

The other's for the rewritten HOUSE OF CARDS, and actually, I'm *really glad* to get commentary on that, because OMG, my brain is full of leaks and I had so much work to do on that that I *know* I missed things and that one more revision pass is really needed on that book. I knew when I turned it in that it was much much better than the original draft, but also that it still needed work, and I just couldn't see the forest for the trees at that point and needed someone else to tell me what could be improved (this is where we praise editors, having just sheeshed at them). Still, I basically don't want to deal with either of them, which has more to do with having a book to /write/ than actually being that much of a sullen bitch (I hope!). I don't want to have to break my not-especially-strong stride on HANDS OF FLAME to do *any* other writing project, even just revisions on a proposal, much less revisions on a book. I can write two books at a time. I can't revise one and write another at the same time.

Then there's HANDS OF FLAME itself. It's a few days shy of three months late now, and although that's due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm not at all happy about it. So there's part of me that feels like I should be done by now, long since in fact, and not being done makes me not especially enthusiastic about working on it. It's not helped, probably, by the fact that I've revised the first third three times now, and I still haven't gotten to page 200 of the book. Oi, already.

I'm also trying to set myself up for a few days of genuine writing blitz, with a bunch of 1000-words/1-hour mini-challenges, and while if I hit my goals on there I'll be very pleased, the idea's inevitably sort of grim and daunting. So, yeah. Today I don't feel very much like doing my job.

Which is just too damned bad, innit? 'cause this is what they pay me for, and you go to work whether you feel like it or not.

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ytd wordcount: 146,500
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