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So the comments spam on my galleries have gotten utterly out of control (mostly because I tend to forget about them). I don't *really* want to delete all comments, because there are a handful of useful ones identifying people and things (and I'm not sure it can be done anyway), but I also haven't got the time to slog through literally thousands of comments and delete most of them. I can't figure out how to make the Gallery blacklist thing work, which would obviously help, but, well. Not smart enough, or not dedicated enough, more like.

Anybody (where 'anybody' can be one person or several) want to deal with this for me? I will provide signed editions of books, name a character after you, buy you a beer, whatever, and also love you forever!

(By the way, whitewashing this here fence is real fun!)


ETA: I think I have enough of a Team Whack-A-Mole to take care of the problem now. Thanks! :)

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