kit (mizkit) wrote,

one more for the road

interview questions from frabjousdave,

1. When, if ever, did you first talk with one of your parents as a friend?

I honestly don't remember ever *not* talking to my parents as friends, except, y'know, when I was pissed off at them. But my parents are insanely cool, and I've always gotten along with them very very well.

2. Serial comma, threat or menace? (No, really.)

Oh, god. Both! Menace. They creep up on me even when I'm trying to watch for them!

3. What author first inspired you to become one, and how? I'd have to say it was whomever wrote the Bobbsey Twins or the Happy Hollidays kids' mystery novels. I started writing my own first mystery novel at around age.. 8 or 9, I'm pretty sure. I think I got about 20 pages written. I had 5 protagonists and my main characters were redheaded twin girls and I was going to write an ongoing series about them. :)

4. Is there any bad habit you witness in movies that makes you weak to perform it? What is it?

I don't know. Does Peter Wingfield count as a bad habit? Certainly the things that one typically thinks of as bad habits (smoking, drugs, alcohol) hold no appeal to me.

5. What is the most beautiful thing you've ever witnessed without participating in it?

...doesn't the act of witnessing make me a participant, passive or otherwise?

I don't know. Sunrises. Sunsets. The time I saw a bald eagle glide in front of the setting sun, postcard-perfect, and just hang there for a few moments.

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