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The only two Proclaimers songs I've ever heard are "500 Miles" and "I'm On My Way". Is the rest of their music that relentlessly bouncy and mood-improving to listen to? Because if it is, I should get one of their albums.

Erm. Where *does* one stay if one goes to ComicCon? Is the convention centre itself a hotel, or, er, what?

Is anybody going to WFC? Should we do the banquet dinner? I did it last year (and met blackholly and bigbananaslug, which was cool), but I donno, we might want to make other arrangements for Saturday night's dinner... Anyway, registration has been paypaled, so that's taken care of, I'm filling out the forms not quite as we speak, and when Ted gets home I'll steal the credit card and pay for the hotel.

Meh. I was struggling with this chapter, and a couple hours ago started to suspect I'd done something wrong, and now I've figured out what was wrong and deleted most of it. Which, really, is record time; usually it takes days to figure out what's wrong. It was almost all just dead weight, though, a couple of scenes that didn't really need to happen, and frankly, if I can tell at this stage that the scene doesn't need to be there, it really, really doesn't, because I usually hate having to cut things out during the first draft. Even if this is like the third draft in some ways.

Oh hey, just got confirmation for the dance class. Oop, it starts 11 Sept, so I'll have to abandon genitiggie and husband (hers, not mine; I assume mine will be working) for an hour that evening.

I'm going to go lie like a lump now.
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