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largely meaningless update

I know something really, insanely cool that has nothing to do with me, but if it happens I am going to positively die of the squee.

And yes, I am saying this just to torture you all. It's very mature of me. :)

I also know that for the first time in weeks/months, the words are flowing. I'm not as far as halfway through a chapter yet, and I'm still trying to stitch things together from what I wrote on this book previously, and I'm pretty sure that the three chapters I'd really, really like to use that are coming up in my old draft are three chapters I really, really can't use in the new one, which is sad, but I'm still just plain happy that the words are coming. So happy, in fact, that I'm going back to work now. Although I may stop for some aspirin, because oi, the headache.
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