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Me: 1; World: 0

I actually went to the gym today. I think I got a good workout that won't cripple me tomorrow, but we'll see tomorrow, I guess. Inconvenient that I'm leaving Friday and will not realistically get back to the gym until Tuesday, and then will do exactly the same thing next weekend as well, but hey, at least I went. So did Ted! Yay for us!

And I've gotten some work done on HANDS OF FLAME. I think I can salvage some of what I wrote earlier this year (where "salvage" means "throw out two thirds and rewrite what's left"), so I'm gonna try to get through page 100 (which is another 30 or 40 pages away) before heading off to MeCon. And then hopefully through page 200 before Pi-Con, and then I'll come back and write another two hundred fifty pages in a blitz of efficiency and be done by the end of the month.

Tags: exercise, negotiator trilogy
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