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Hey, don't I know that girl...?

I did my map! Yay me! :)

Ted and I also put together the new shelves for my office, so that room is starting to be unpacked for the first time in almost two years. While I was unpacking and putting things up, I had a realization: if you took 16 year old me, just graduated from high school, and dropped her into my current office, she would recognize it. It would clearly, to her, be herself.

Oh, there are *details*, sure. The Rogue thing, for example. I didn't get into Rogue or the X-Men until a year or two after I graduated high school, when I was in Fairbanks and there was a comic shop readily available. She wouldn't specifically go, "OMG, she's still into Rogue!" or anything like that. (She wouldn't go OMG at all, actually, because she'd be totally unfamilar with that particular acronym. Nevermind that.) But she would say, "Ok, yeah, sure, I can see it," especially if I had any sort of the classic Jim Lee Rogue displayed (which I do), since that was the Rogue that got me into the whole thing*.

There's stuff she'd quite literally recognize: there are at least four pieces in there that I've had since high school. There's an original pencil sketch of Ember by one of the later ElfQuest artists; she'd *certainly* recognize the character, if not the drawing itself. If I had the Goodtree print--no, she wouldn't recognize that, not literally; that was a 1991 calendar, I think. She'd recognize the music--musicals and Bon Jovi, anyway--if not the format. She'd be a little horrified at the lack of books in the room (it's all research or things I wrote, but OTOH, things I wrote!), but she'd presumably accept it as a workspace choice.

It's possible she'd look around and say, "My God, I haven't grown up at all!", but I think, really, that she'd be pretty pleased.

So would you recognize yourself from a room twenty years in your future?

*Speaking of which, can anybody, off the top of their heads, tell me which issue of "X-Men" (as opposed to "Uncanny X-Men", I'm pretty damned sure) it is that Rogue's up on the rooftop sulking and Gambit comes up to talk to her, nearly touches her shoulder, gets belted for it, and comes back with a blanket to wrap around her shoulders so he can hold her, and promises everything's going to be okay? Because that's the specific issue that did me in, and Jim Lee's going to be the GoH at Dublin Comic Con this year, and I Must Have That Issue Signed. It's before issue #30, which is Scott and Jean's wedding.

eta: Mom requested office-in-progress photos, so they start here. :)
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