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upcoming convention schedule

Next weekend (August 3-5), I will be in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for MeCon. There are a lot of very cool people attending, and anybody who can make it up should come along!

The following weekend (August 10-12), I will be Guest of Honor at Pi-Con, in West Springfield, Massachussets. Anybody east of the Mississippi should come say hello! (People west of it can too, but I won't *expect* you to!)

My panel schedule for Pi-Con currently stands thusly (oh, it's quite long, I'll :

Friday, 5pm
Buffyverse -- Laity, DeCandido, Murphy, Claxton
* Buffy has been a movie, a TV series on two networks with a long running spinoff, and is now a new comic series. This series challenged the concept of the strong woman, changed the way many people looked at science fiction, and created a new kind of show. How has Buffy changed fandom and the media at large?

Friday, 6pm
GoH Interview -- Murphy, Claxton
* Come hear our Guest of Honor talk about stuff, and, exclusively at 2PiCon, THINGS!
    (You won't want to miss this one--I sure can go on about THINGS!)

Friday, 10pm
Duncan vs Connor -- J. Williams, DeCandido, Murphy
* Converting Movies to TV. Some series have taken movie stories to the next level; some have been blazing failures. Some are a little of both. What are the best and worst, and what does it take to successfully transition a movie world to the little screen?

Saturday, 10am
Shamanic Druids -- Kane, Kabongo, Murphy, Mach
* Blended, pureed, and made up religions in sf/f.

Saturday, 1pm
* Murphy Reading -- Murphy

Saturday, 2pm
How to Write with a Full Time Job -- Harvey, Osborne, Murphy
* A full time writer has the luxury of being able to write on their own schedule in their own space and time. What about the average person who has to punch a clock everyday? How do you find time to write? What do you do when inspiration strikes in the middle of the work day?

Saturday, 4pm
Retelling Fairytales -- Laity, Murphy
* Folk and fairytales offer some of the riches sources for story telling. How have people adapted them into novels and films? What are great sources of these tales? Why do they resonate so with readers?

Saturday, 7pm
Urban Fantasy -- Harvey, Kabongo, Murphy
* Urban Fantasy: it seems like everyone is writing it today. We’ll cover what’s hot, what’s wrong in Urban Fantasy, and where we think its going.

Sunday, 10am
Introduction to Shamanism -- Kane, Laity, Murphy
* What is a shaman? How do you become one? How many traditions are there? What resources are there for learning more? How can it help healing and creativity?

Sunday, 1pm
Coming Full Circle -- Murphy, Kabongo
* Recycled ideas, and why they’re still entertaining

My God, I'm exhausted just *looking* at that schedule! And now, a poll!

For Friday's reading, Catie should read from...

CAULDRON BORNE, the 4th Walker Papers novel (due out in 2009)
HEART OF STONE, the first Negotiator book (due out in November)
THE QUEEN'S BASTARD, first of the Inheritors' Cycle (due out in June 2008)

(Oops. Can't edit the poll. That should say Saturday's reading, not Friday's.)
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