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So early, and yet so chatty!

Possibly the Best Fanmail Evar:

I was in line at Borders Bookstore, waiting with the horde for the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." I decided to buy a book to read as I waited... [and] "Urban Shaman" called to me. I got though the first 4 chapters before I had to stop to complete the original task. I was hooked!!

I had the latest Potter and "Urban Shaman" at home the next day. I started Potter, put it down after about 150 pages, picked up your book and I did not put I down until I was done. ...I am looking forward to reading more of your works in the near future (like tomorrow!). I will just have to work the last Potter book in when I don't have one of your books to read.

Take THAT, JK! Who's your daddy?! Who's your daddy! Huh? Huh?!


veilofgrace requests a reminder of my publishing schedule. I'm the only one who can keep this straight. :) So, in order of appearance over the next 2 years, the books are:

HEART OF STONE (Book One of the Negotiator Trilogy, Nov 2007)
HOUSE OF CARDS (Book Two of the Negotiator Trilogy, March 2008)
THE QUEEN'S BASTARD (Book One of the Inheritors' Cycle, June 2008)
HANDS OF FLAME (Book Three of the Negotiator Trilogy, Sept 2008)
THE PRETENDER'S CROWN (Book Two of the Inheritors' Cycle, Jan 2009)
CAULDRON BORNE (Book Four of the Walker Papers, May or June 2009)

This information can generally be found under the currently working on tag. I'll stick a link to it in my nav bar. :)

I decided I'm taking today off, where the value of 'taking today off' is:

- get a gym membership
- clean kitchen
- clean bathroom
- work on TQB map
- do page 1 rough sketch for Chance #4
- get stripe redone/make appt to get stripe redone
- call estate agent
- work on TPC proposal
- work on Chance #5
- find Chance printouts & get ready to submit it
- read Harry Potter

I'll be happy if I get half of those done. I suspect tomorrow will be another Day Off like that. Wednesday we're going up to Dublin for Dad's birthday, so realistically I'm not going to get HoF started until Friday, which is okay, as long as I get Chance 5 done before then. And, er, the TPC proposal, which is probably the more important to finish. Heh. :)

Serious superheroes.

Emily and Kit arrive safely in Bray! With time-warpy goodness (the train came in at a different time than Dad expected)! All we need now is the right kind of Doctor...

Emily and I re-create our famous DONK! photograph (which I can't find a copy of right now--oh,here it is, as well as the aftermath of donk), wherein we whacked our heads together and a resounding DONK! reverberated over the glacier. This time we managed to not actually whack our heads, though it was a near thing. :)
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