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Our bedroom was extremely freezing last night, and because 1. getting heat in this house requires far more cognizant thought than I had at 3:20 in the morning when I had to get up to use the bathroom (I was aware that I was so cold turning the heat on would be a good idea, but I honestly was not functional enough to do so, as you have to go to the boiler, choose from "you can have hot water or you can have heat, but you can't have both. MAKE YOUR CHOICE!" and then actually turn the thermostat up because just turning the boiler to "make heat" doesn't trigger any such production; that would be SILLY); and because 2. we are currently sleeping on two single beds set side to side and could not glom onto each other for body heat, I didn't manage to get any decent sleep until around 6, when I had to get up to go to the bathroom again and on the way back to bed put on flannel pants (having switched my t-shirt out for a long flannel shirt the first time around, and having been too tired/non-functional to do more than think "putting on pants would be a good idea, but maybe the shirt will be enough", only more like, "pants. *whimper* too far. cold. *whimper*"). Consequently, I didn't get up until nearly 10. Oi. See what Harry Potter hath wrought!

In view of this, I got to the bit in QUEEN'S BASTARD that actually needs a scene *rewrite* instead of just a revision, and gave myself permission to not do it until tomorrow, when I'm more awake. And, having skipped the hard bit, finished all the bits around it and then the revisions on the next chapter, which is more than I thought I'd get to given how groggy I am. So off to a good start, all things told. I need to do at least one more chapter and...gleep. Three more would be better. Well, we'll see how my brain holds up. *yawn*

I need food. And a shower. And not to go try to read over Ted's shoulder....
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