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cats & work

Zilli is sitting bolt upright in my lap, 'helping' me eat breakfast, which is to say, every time I try to take a bite of cereal (the bowl held precariously in my hand above his head) he sits up even straighter and knocks the bowl with his head in an attempt to create a spill from which he will get All The Milk. Wretched, but funny, kitty. :)

Yesterday's writing tally: turned out I'd only gotten through chapter 4 while Emily was here, so I still had to do 5. Got that, and 6, done. Less than I might've hoped, but then, I also hadn't seen Ted for most of the last week, so I spent time with him instead of working, too, so that's all ok. Today will be more productive. I shall ambitiously announce I will get through chapter ten today. *radiates ambition* :)

(Now Zilli has determined there is No Milk Left, and left. Lucy eyed my lap, but has foregone sitting in it for using it as a transition area, and now she's standing in front of the screen and nosing the bowl, determining if there is Any Milk At All.)

All right, this will not buy the child a frock.
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