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too many thinks

thinks i need to do over the next while, cut because otherwise i might depress myself:

- finish tqb revisions
- call sherrie fitz
- call real estate agent about
--> beds
--> cooker
--> garden
--> extraneous un-needed furniture
- organize office (after finding out about extraneous furniture)
- issue 4 chance page 1
- write issue 5 chance
- eat fred's brain re: electriCity
- email the Minx lady
- write HoF
- mail Deen's postcards
- mail Ted's Mom's stuff
- tax stuff
- call ASL people
- buy a floormat so I stop rolling downhill
- buy some more picture hangers
- get photos off the nikon
- post photos from the nikon @.@
- fold laundry
- amend list as necessary, since I'm sure I'm forgetting things
Tags: thinks to do

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