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Here we have many photos. They include gratuitous kitty pictures, Elton John concert photos, Mira Furlan, Dublin, and my office. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which are which.

The guitarist, who was Cool:

Sir Elton signing things before the encore:

Mira Furlan (Delenn) at the Forbidden Planet in Dublin. She was there for a signing, and because aberdeen was in town, it was inevitable that we ended up going to see her. She's a very nice woman indeed. We chatted for a few minutes, in which time we learned she speaks six languages and would like to visit Alaska someday. :)

Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin.

Amazingly cool sculpture at Dublin Castle: Celtic knotwork snakes, presumably representative of the ones driven out of Ireland by St. Patrick. I took this from the top of the Chester Beatty Library, and it's not as good as I hoped it would be, but it's still cool. So there. :)

A snake head from the ground:

And because I'm so happy with it I'm putting the office one not in the cut stuff. Not so much happy with the photo specifically as the office: I'm going to like this office a *lot* when I'm done getting it put together, and it's starting to take shape now. I got a bunch of art up today. The cool thing about this particular batch of artwork is that it's all stuff other people have given me. I've got a couple of other pieces that don't seem to have made it to Ireland, so now I'm impatient to get them so I can put them up!
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