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I have to finish the QUEEN'S BASTARD revisions in the next four days. I got about...5 chapters done, I think, while Emily was here, and that's about a quarter of the book (technically it's more than a quarter, as it's only 18 chapters, but some of those chapters are much longer than others, so there's more weight later on), and that's fairly awesome. It leaves me a mere 3 chapters a day to deal with. The cringing part is that that's a hundred pages a day, which is a lot, but if I'm focused, not insurmountable.

Then Monday I have to draw a map of the continent, a rough draft page for Chance #4 because my words are too clumsy to describe it properly for Ardian, and start on HANDS OF CHANGE, which I will need to write 5K a day on for the next month in order to finish in anything like the time I need to.

No problem. :)
Tags: revisions, the exciting life of a writer

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