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Anyone who had the opportunity to enjoy the smashingly nice, rain-free afternoon and evening yesterday in Cork should thank aberdeen and me for it. We'd intended on going to Blarney, but the intermittent torrential downpours all morning and into the early afternoon put us off, so we decided in favor of tucking ourselves in and watching as much Torchwood and Doctor Who as we could. Consequently, Ted and I have now seen episodes 1, 12 and 13 of Torchwood, and the final 3 episodes of Doctor Who, which were all full of heart-stabby goodness. And we are also quite certain that also consequently, the day cleared up and was positively gorgeous. I'm just *sure* it would've continued to rain if we'd gone to Blarney.

I have also just discovered that in my infinite wisdom I got us up earlier than necessary (I'd gotten it into my head we needed to take the 10am bus to Dublin, when it turns out we need to take the 12 noon bus), which means we lost out on a couple hours sleep. OTOH, it also means we can watch paulcornell2's reportedly utterly brilliant two-part Doctor Who shows before we have to go get on the bus.

I cannot say for certain that this was not my subconscious working in favor of the Doctor over little things like sleep.

Also, can I just say: Go Martha.

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