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Over the last couple of months I have gotten *lots* of emails saying, "I've visited your website and don't see anything saying there will be more Walker Papers! Don't tell me the series is ending! Augh!" I could've sworn I had something about it posted on, but let me just make it clear:

Don't worry. The series isn't ending. :) The next Walker Papers book (tentatively titled CAULDRON BORNE) will be out sometime in 2009, and I'm contracted for two more books after that.

However, between now and then, I will have a new urban fantasy series, The Negotiator Trilogy, coming out. Book one, HEART OF STONE, is out in November 2007. Book two, HOUSE OF CARDS, is out in March 2008, and book 3, HANDS OF FLAME, is out in September 2008.

But wait! There's more! I also have *another* new series starting next year. This series (tentatively titled The Inheritors' Cycle) currently consists of THE QUEEN'S BASTARD (June 2008) and THE PRETENDER'S CROWN (January 2009).

So, that's right, that's _five books_ you get from me between COYOTE DREAMS and the next Walker Papers book. I'm hoping all those new books will salve the pain of not getting a new Walker Papers for two years... :)
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