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I had a very nice, if not especially *productive* weekend. irishkate and I met for coffee on Saturday, and then since it was raining she drove me home, and then we hung out for another three and a half hours talking. *laugh* So that was fun. And I spent most of yesterday watching Firefly and Serenity, which was also pleasant in a very mind-numbing way. I did get some actual work done, and am in the actually typing in the revisions stage of revising TQB now.

The weather's being fairly relentlessly miserable, with breaks for teasing beauty, and I'm ready for it to be nice out now. And everything else that I keep thinking I need to blog seems to have zipped out of my little tiny brain. What on earth did I do before I had the internet, I ask you?

Actually, in my world, Before The Net was also known as "high school", and I kept pretty damned busy in high school, between school and friends and theatre and swimming and dance classes and reading. And presumably doing homework once in a while, although certainly not as much as I should have. So that pretty much answers that, doesn't it? It'd be nice to get that kind of activity back into my life. Perhaps I will, what with living in town now. That's part of the idea, after all.

My mother has long since said she wanted to live in a house with no flat surfaces. I believe we are living in that house. There's not a plumb line in the place, and I, at the high end of the office, have to put a certain amount of effort into not letting my chair and myself just roll on down to the low end of the office and crash into Ted. :) My own office is not quite that angled, but it takes a bit of manuevering each time I sit down to get myself situated in a fashion that doesn't involve involuntarily rolling about.
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