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drive-by posting

*does a small dance of victory* The HANDS OF CHANGE proposal is off (and, inevitably, my editor is out of the office. I don't think I've turned a single proposal or book in when she was *in* the office!), so that's done. Now it's just to finish the QUEEN'S BASTARD revisions over the next four days, if possible. I really, really like that book. It's almost like reading something someone else wrote, the voice is so different.

A Specialist came and fixed our shower! It works now! We're very excited about it! And they're bringing a new cooker sometime next week! And we put ARTWORK up, which we never did do in the last house, so it already feels more like we live there than the other place did. We were pretty astonished at some of the art we'd brought and some of what we hadn't. I'd forgotten we owned some of the pieces we brought. Pretty cool. :)

I'm sure I have other exciting things to talk about, but I can't think of them right now, so I'm going to call this a posting and scurry off.
Tags: daily life, revisions, writing

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