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- shower: still borked. they're sending in a Specialist.
- cooker: still borked. they're not actually telling me what's to be done.
- microwave: not replaced. maybe tomorrow.
- beds: not replaced. I hope this week. o.@
- cat: still dirty. We keep saying, "...did she get into the fireplace again?" But no, she was just that dirty to begin with. :)

Aside from the borked things, things aren't going too badly. I've done nine hundred loads of laundry and the bedroom is starting to look people might want to live in it. (We won't speak of the living room.) Ted found the silverware, so we no longer have to eat with the single teaspoon we had. *laugh* My office has an incredibly spectacular view. It's awesome. :)

I hadn't left the house worth mentioning yesterday, so I decided I'd better go on a little walk. Just ten minutes. Up to the top of the hill. Except that only took about six minutes, so I had to keep going. And then there was the library! And well, maybe a few more minutes. Up to that there church. And oh, that over there, I bet that's the overpass before the shopping centre...and so it is! Look! It's only a 20 minute walk (and an I-don't-know-where-I'm-going rate walk at that) to the Other Movie Theatre! Excellent! I have Learned Something! And then I walked home again. :)

I can't update my booklist, so I must note here that I've read ABSOLUTE POWER, the third in Michael Carroll's fairly delightful teenage superheroes series, and THE LOST FLEET: FEARLESS, by Jack Campbell, and it, like the first one, is exactly as advertised and therefore surprisingly satisfying space opera.

With any luck tomorrow I'll get the new proposal for HANDS OF CHANGE, third book in the Negotiator Trilogy, sent off to my editor. I actually got about 3K written yesterday; behold the power of Not Having Net Access. And then the next however many days until Deen gets here will be filled with revising TQB. Which I'd better finish before she gets here, or I'm going to be a very dull host indeed.

Speaking of which, aberdeen: I emailed you. If you didn't get the email, please email me at my gmail account.

Ok, home again and back to work, I expect.
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