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more about the house

Okay, since we actually have a place now, I will say that we're moving into Cork City centre, rather than living in beautiful but comparatively remote Cobh. This was prompted, more or less, by 1. the Paco Peña concert and a wistful comment on both our parts about how nice it would be to be able to go to those (concerts in general) without much in the way of fuss, and 2. an epiphany on my part. I've said a number of times that if I ever moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area, I would live *in* San Francisco, because that's where everything I want to do is. And lo! it struck me that living outside any major city is exactly the same thing.

So we started looking in Cork instead of Cobh, and this place that we found isn't the one I talked about a week or two ago. That was an apartment; this is an actual house, with 3.5 bedrooms (one of the bedrooms is a walk-through room: you can't get to the master bedroom any other way except through it). It's old enough to have windows that are nearly arm's-length in depth, and is consequently very quiet despite being right on the street. From the front it looks like absolutely nothing, but when you walk in there's suddenly All This House there! It's quite grand. :) And it has a potentially glorious garden looking over the city and St. Finbar's Cathedral, and I wouldn't have expected it to have a garden at *all*, from the front. So that was quite a wonderful surprise. Ted and I were gaping at it and each other while we got shown around. :) The letting agent said he'd give us the weekend to think about it and we were like, "Er, we'd be fools not to take it." But then it took nearly a week to get all the details organized, so it's only today we've gotten in.

It's about a 7 minute walk from Ted's work and about 10 minutes from the city centre. There's a dance studio at the foot of the hill from the place. The pool I'd like to use is slightly too far away for me to realistically walk to it, so either I'll need to get a bike or a bus schedule. I know where at least two yoga studios are, and at least three pubs that have regular trad nights, and I know where the photography club meets, although they apparently go on hiatus for the summer. I don't know that I'll do all of those things, but aside from swimming, none of them are more than a 20 minute walk from my front door, which removes a *huge* amount of ordeal in Trying To Get A Life. Also, having packed approximately 3450987 pounds of gaming materials today, I've decided that I will become Most Fussed if we don't find ourselves some kind of semi-regular gaming group. :)

After all the adventures in /buying/ it, we will almost certainly sell the car, because, as stated above, 20 minute walk from almost anything you'd want to do. And no parking. And gas and insurance are expensive. We can rent a car if we want one for a holiday.

I'm really looking forward to living in the city. :) I hope we'll be entirely out of here and have the place cleaned by Sunday evening, because I've got to revise the HANDS OF CHANGE proposal for Luna and revise THE QUEEN'S BASTARD for Del Rey by...well, the 9th at the latest, as aberdeen arrives on the 10th.
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