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We have a HAUS!

It's cooler than I remembered. There's more storage than I knew about. There's more furniture in there than I remembered, too, although some of it is going away. The kitchen is less awful than I remembered. The garden's still a disaster, but perhaps somebody'll come in to fix it up, or maybe we will.

I packed up mass market paperback books, CDs and DVDs until I ran out of boxes last night (didn't take long, as we don't have very many boxes, and man, we have too many DVDs again), and got a fair bit of my office (which isn't very complicated) packed up. The former of those got brought into Cork and the latter, well, didn't. We emptied out the boxes and I ran around taking pictures and then we came home again.

This afternoon I'll probably go to Argos and order one or two futons, an entertainment stand of some sort, and maybe some bookshelves. Because we're not going to have enough. Then I'll come home, and, because I'm a real party animal, I'll probably unpack all of our landlord's dishes and pack our dishes into the boxes the landlord's dishes are currently in.

I need to:

- switch the phone/internet to the new haus
- pack
--> living room books
--> various other living room crap (need more boxes)
--> kitchen:
-----> wash all dishes
-----> clear table
-----> remove our dishes to table
-----> scrub cupboards
-----> remove landlord's dishes to cupboards from boxes
-----> pack as many of our dishes as we have box space for
- call current landlord & tell her we're outta here
- write a proposal
- do revisions problem. :p
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