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I need a TQB icon. Well, I suppose I'll get one eventually, when I get a cover for it. :)

This morning I woke up and thought, I've got to get up and get to work on that book. Only...I'm DONE with that book! I'm still going around with that in my little pumpkin head, though. "Must work on it...wait... it's done..." Anyway, so I looked around for the TQB manuscript, couldn't find it (I probably tossed it in a fit of cleanly efficiency sometime earlier this year), and so have printed out another copy. I haven't read it yet, but I was looking at bits while I formatted it and stuff, and man, I really *like* this book. It's pretty wonderful to look at a manuscript and be happy with it and excited about working on it again. (Ah, what six months of absence will do!) I may even go so far as to read some of it today! Woo! :)

We can't go sign the lease today because the guy's out of the office today, and tomorrow we're going to Dublin, so we can't sign/get in til Wednesday. Wah. We want in NOW!

And that's everything from (*eyes the weather*) bright grey Ireland today. :)
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