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My back is doing much better. I switched to the Other Bed, and was much improved yesterday and today am only very slightly twingy, so hopefully if I don't do anything stupid I'll be fine. Stupid back. Ted discovered the mattress on our bed had shifted a couple inches off the ... they don't call them box springs here, but the moral equivilant of box springs. So maybe that had something to do with it. Stupid back.

Zilli is hobbling along looking rather pathetic, but his foot's starting to look better. I think that's partly because it actually is regaining a little muscle and ceasing to be so shriveled, but I also think it's probably partly that he's finally starting to get it clean, so it looks floofier. :) Lucy hasn't yet pinned him down and licked him to death, so I assume from that that he is not yet Entirely Well.

Somebody came to look at the house yesterday, so we had to clean it. It looks very nice now. I wish people who were tidier than we are lived in it so it would stay this way.

Although *knocks on wood* it looks like people who are not tidier than we are won't be living here much longer. We looked at a place Friday that we both really, really liked and with any luck we'll sign a lease tomorrow and be OUT of here at the end of the month! I'll post more details tomorrow if all goes well. :)

Along the same lines, the book is *this far* from being ready to send off. I have to do a spellcheck and fix the last of my notes to self. I wanted to do that Friday, but we ended up going to look at houses and then going to Ocean's 13 (which was charming and fluffy, as one might expect) and, well, I didn't get it done. But I'll turn it in tomorrow, and then to celebrate I'll go get the print for the HEART OF STONE cover framed. And go to an Aerosmith concert. And to The Who, later this week. And, um. Other good stuff too, I bet!
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