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When I heard they were making an Iron Man movie, I thought, "meh". Then they cast Robert Downey Jr and I thought, "Ooh." With the right script, I thought, that could be a hell of a movie. Downey's perfect for the part. And, as photos have come out, it looks H-A-W-T hawt.

I would, however, now go to see it if it were the worst comics movie ever filmed. If it was worse than Catwoman. If it was worse than...something worse than Catwoman. I would go see it if every moment of the film guaranteed I would be plucking my eyeballs out and screaming with pain. I would go see it if God Himself came down from on high and said, "Stay away from this movie or you'll go straight to Hell."

Because Samuel L. Jackson will be playing Nick Fury.
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