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I've apparently been sleeping in some kind of weird position the last couple of nights, and my middle back hurts. I have no idea how I'm sleeping, but that's clearly gotta stop. o.O

Zilli appears to be sulking because I told him not to chew on his cast. He went into his cat carrier, presumably to Show Me. That's good, because he needs to be there in half an hour anyway, as we're going to the vet to (oh how I hope) get his cast off. I am only hopeful, though, not confident. The vet initially said six weeks (possibly to not get our hopes up, as cats evidently heal fairly quickly, but he broke his toes clean through, and that probably takes longer to heal from than a fracture), and it's only been four. Four. Long. Weeks. But we'll see.

Mmm. My banana bread is making very yummy smells as it bakes. I better go check on it, although it should have about another twenty minutes to go.

eta: YAY Zilli is getting his cast off! The vet was pleased with how he was hobbling around, and said she'd have to sedate him to take the cast off ("Why?" we said, "He didn't have to sedate himself!" at which she looked pained), and so we'll go get him later this afternoon. Yay!

Also, my banana bread fell entirely apart on taking it out of the pan. I had to use too much wheat flour because I turned out to be way low on white, and it's ... well, if it hadn't fallen apart it might be worth the bother, but I sort of feel like it's not worth eating, given its appearance and texture. Oh well.
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