kit (mizkit) wrote,

deborah's meme

stolen from debela: List ten basic tenents or notions by which you feel you should live

1. Follow your heart. Be happy. Believe in yourself. I know that's three, but they all seem integral to each other to me, darn it.

2. Remember I am in fact the center of the universe.

3. Be nice to people.

4. Life's not fair. Calvin once wailed, "Yeah, but why isn't it ever not fair in my *favor*?!" Here's the thing: it is.

5. "It's not the dying that should scare you, girl. It's not living life to its fullest before your time: that should frighten you."--Wolverine

6. Toot your own horn. Nobody else is going to.

7. It's fun being a fanboy.

8. "Perspective: use it, or lose it."--Richard Bach, Illusions

9. If you think people will like you, they almost always will.

10. Jubilee, on teaching Professor X to rollerblade, in one of the various time periods where he had use of his legs: "Out here on the pavement, it's a lot simpler. You fall down? You get up and start over."

Why, yes, I do find gems of wisdom in the X-Men. See #7.
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