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I have run out of marked-up manuscript. Now I have to find the last version I printed out and see how much further it goes from where I am now. I think that version, at least, is more current than this one from the critical point (which is where I am now, the critical point, which is why there are no more markups on the old manuscript, don't you see...) onward, although it does not get as far as the end of the book before I ran out of paper. I may even do that tonight so that tomorrow I can actually continue with real forward motion. And Ted, who is Best, is bringing paper home for me, since I've forgotten to buy it every time I've left the house for anything else.

The next section--three or four chapters worth--is a mess. And I need to add in a Hint Of Something To Come, and fear I'll forget it ('cause I'm now 300+ pages in and haven't remembered so far, but the places to do it are more readily available from here on out, so that's ok). But I *think* that if I get through this next part the rest of it might go fairly quickly. I hope.

Ted said to me today, "These books have been *hard*!" They have been. And I've got another one to write. Agh. @.@

It's relentlessly raining here. I haven't quite talked myself into going out into it for a walk, although I should. However, I did read desperance's (Chaz Brenchley's) RIVER OF THE WORLD last night, and it was every bit as gorgeous as I expected. I apparently did not read the ending of the first book, BRIDGE OF DREAMS, closely enough, because I missed a rather significant event to the point that when it was mentioned in the RotW, I didn't believe it and kept waiting for the expectation I'd built on erroneous information to pan out (oddly enough, it failed to do so). Anyway, I'm feeling rather smug, as though I've discovered desperance all by myself and the rest of the world ought to now heed me and dash out and buy his books. I will vigorously ignore the fact that, say, matociquala is far enough ahead of my curve as to have provided a cover quote for RIVER, and instead pretend that I'm as cool as I think I am and tell you all to go read Chaz's books. :) Really gorgeously written lyrical stories with one of the most interestingly realized protagonists I've read in a long time. Made me happy.

I guess I should go find that printout now, and do some more work.... (eta: well, crap, the other printout doesn't even go as far as the one I had went, although it is more correct in all ways than the one I had. Guess I'm taking the evening off.)
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