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desperance! I got your books today! I didn't realize RIVER was hardback, sheesh. I wouldn't've whinged at the price had I realized it. :) Oh, and I respond very nicely to "Kit"; try it sometime and see. :)

*hops around like a dorky hoppy thing* I'm all happy now! TWO new books to read! And DISPOSSESSION looks very cool, too. Yay! *beams* I just have to do enough work today to justify getting to read tonight!

...which, thus far, I have not done. But doubleXP weekend ends in about half an hour, and then I'll have no more excuse. :) Now I must rush off and see if I can get Petite to 34th level before the bell tolls. :)

eta: YAY THIRTY-FOURTH LEVEL and now I go for a walk while it's not raining and then to work so thence to READ
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