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Yesterday, in case you missed it, was Blog Like It's The Zombie Apocalypse Day. debela thought my entry would look like this:

"Zombies attacked. Finished the #*$&^#^ book and got light revision letter for TQB. Good day."

I think she's basically got it right. :)

That was not at all what I was going to post about, but I got such a kick out of it it trumped everything else I'd been going to say. :) Most critically (as I'm sure you'll all agree), I have gotten my hairs trimmed, and they are all basically the same length now, and it is a great relief.

Trying to work this morning was a bit of a comedy of errors. I went and got the manuscript and discovered it was not the one I'd written notes on, which meant the annotated one had probably been thrown out. Crap. Well, I'd need to print out the second half of the manuscript anyway, because I haven't read it on paper yet, so I formatted it and printed it.

Except I didn't have enough paper to print the second half. Damn. Well, oh well, at least I could go over the first half. I went downstairs to get comfortable and do that.

There, on the floor, where I left it ten days ago, was the manuscript with the notes on it.


I got about a whole chapter and a half worked on before I had to go into town to have lunch with Ted, after all of that. :)

Whilst in town, I walked into Virgin Records to have a look around. Five steps inside the door I found a new Bon Jovi CD. I didn't know Bon Jovi'd put out a new CD. I picked it up and turned directly around and went to the cash registers, because I figured if I found something I didn't know I wanted 5 steps into the store, that was a sign I *really* should not go further in. :)

And, apropos of nothing, I watched "Blazing Saddles" last night for the first time in fifteen or more years. It's still a very funny movie. :)
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