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Son of a...

Okay. I accidentally closed a file without saving it and lost four pages of work. I know Word does auto-saves and there is some way that you can find auto-saved versions of files. I'm using Word 2000 on a ... good grief, I'd forgotten this operating system even existed. On WinME. I have since re-opened and re-named the file, and, in fact, rebooted the computer. Am I utterly hosed, or is there some way for me to make an attempt to find my missing pages?

(eta: I did check the temp directory, which only had a couple obviously Word files in it (and other things I randomly opened were gibberish or empty), with no luck. I don' tknow if there's somewhere else temporary files appear...?)

(eta again: Nevermind. Turns out the stuff I lost was modified from part of the original manuscript (which explains why I had no clue what I'd written: all I'd done was make some very moderate changes to existing text. I can do that again without an issue. Whew. Also, boy am I glad I didn't come make a flaming screaming idiot of myself here only to discover this mistake three hours later... :).)
Tags: geek_failure, livejournal knows all

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