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541 page. God, that's 64 pages and six chapters longer than the last draft. 125,941 words. I think I cut about half the book, and I rewrote very nearly everything that wasn't cut.

To celebrate, I have eaten the amazingly good savory crusted cod with red sauce dinner that Ted made, and eaten some ice cream, and watched four episodes of Alias, and...

...and oh, look, my other editor sent me a revision letter for THE QUEEN'S BASTARD today, just like she said she would.

I'll be over here, weeping in my beer. :)


So the rest of this week looks like:

- Wednesday: revise the revisions. Send to test readers. Read the TQB revision letter. Maybe rent a new place to live. Sulk if necessary.

- Thursday: get Chance in the mail. Sulking on the horizon. Discuss electriCity with drivingblind. Get back on the weight loss wagon.

- Friday: go into Cork & 1. get hair cut; 2. maybe buy old Chronicles of Narnia boxed set. Further sulking forecast.

- Saturday: maybe READ A BOOK or three. Especially if I can find RIVER OF THE WORLD. Suggest to self that's enough sulking.

- Sunday: Reading still sounds good, doesn't it? Maybe respond to reader comments on HoC, if I'm feelin' crazy.

- Monday: Send HoC to my editor. Stop sulking, and get to work on TQB revisions.
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