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silkiemom threatens to write Walker Papers fan fiction starring Petite, Morrison's Avalon, and Gary's cab. :)

Silkie says, "Iit's hard not to imagine the cab snorting, "She's waaaaaay out of your league, buddy," to the Avalon."

Silkie | Avalon huffed irritably. "Don't get the wrong idea. I was just going to give her a ticket."

Cab snickered. "Sure. I've seen the way you've been eyeing her rear bumper for quite a while now."

Silkie | Petite slipped alongside the other two cars. "What are you two talking about?"

"Ol' Avvie over here thinks you're going too fast for him."

I'm closing comments on this because I don't actually want to encourage fanfic where I can see it. I just think this is too funny not to post. :)
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